The Shaman Affair


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A Shamans blog about the earth,

the universe and the beast



This blog will be about modern shamanism, meaning ways to create a better self. I know that there is a lot of new age stuff out there, and all has been said already. I'll just fill in with the idea's I have.

New age and spiritual stuff has allways been about higher levels of spiritual energy and higher gods. But the fact is, that there here on earth there are lower spirits as well. And they are not evil. We just think so. Where do the animals reincarnate when they pass over. I might belive that they return to the abyss. The abyss is filled with beast, and we should respect them as the true owners of this earth.

I am a danish male, who's been walking a low spiritual path for 32 years to beget a position in the spiritual realm as a full blown medium. There might be gods. But there certainly are no devils.

What I wish to do with this blog is yet uncertain, but I believe, that it we be:

Paintings - acrylic on paper
Music - don't expect classical
Automated handwriting
Trance performances

It all began in 1984


WHO are you
who ARE you
who are YOU

Who are we, to be the ones to be the last humans ever

to Christina, I love You


If the truth can be told,

so it will be understood.

It will be believed


This earth is undergoing a change, and it is not just for human.
Also fish, beast, bird, insect and faunas are changing.
The earth itself, is wanting and making these changes

The human race, has come to a point of nearly no return of total destruction of the valuables here on earth.

WHY? Is it indoctrination in a very wrong path, we recieve already from our childhood? Growing up in a damaged enviroment and only wishing for wealth? How many human beings in the western world are taking drugs, medicine or alcohol to surpass the every day?

There has to be a change. And there has to be a change right now.
If we don't give up our our present path and withdraw our ideologies this earth will come to an end for humans.

There is a chance at the moment, to change our way of viewing everything.

I will try to offer some input from spiritual realm, so that there is a possibility for a common human being to make a new path.
I am not religious. I am just a tool for higher spirits surrounding us and I am channeling some of their input into this website.

I am Mattias Finsen, I am an artist, a musician and I have been labeled with schizofrenia because of my mediumistic behavior and channeling capabilities.

Enjoy this site. Enjoy Your life. And try and seek new values beyond travelling, buying and expanding economic wishes.